So how the ebook is going?

I have made some progress in writing during May. I finished the first draft in about 2/3, talking about different corporate cultures, matrix organisation and how to succeed in it, corporate slang, corporate strategy, the power of information and finance. Still have some important chapters to conclude, like communication, corporate ethics, harassment, life and work balance and an important chapter about moral threshold.

What would you be most interested about? It is still time to make new chapters, inserting a topic in the outline to answer questions that you, the potential reader is most suffering by. Do not hesitate to suggest any idea that could make this book better. I am also curious about your stories that could enhance the benefits of the book.

Looking forward to your contributions, enjoy the start of the summer,


2 Responses to “So how the ebook is going?”

  1. Ian Sault Says:

    I´m enthusiastic about the topic and your final output. Are you going to talk about budgeting, financial maters and solutions, reports? Thx. Rgs. Ian Sault

  2. Rob Mars Says:

    Oh, of course, these are very interesting topics, indeed. I will upload shortly a content summary with the names of the chapters. I am just about renaming the chapters to catch attention with suitable names. It would be boring call a chapter “Finance”, wouldn’t it? Best regards, Rob

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